Jan 20, 1998
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Cavanaughs Acquires Templin's Resort

Cavanaughs Acquires Templin's Resort Bob Templin will join the Cavanaughs board of directors when Templin's Resort joins the Spokane-based Cavanaugh's Hospitality Corp. Templin's Resort will join the Spokane-based Cavanaughs Hospitality Corp., resort owners Bob and Mary Templin announced Monday. Starting Feb. 1, their riverside hotel will be named Cavanaughs Templin's Resort.

Bob Templin, 74, gave personal and business reasons for the change. It's a way to prepare the resort for the day he won't be around, he said. "You know, I'm getting up in years, No. 1," he said. "No 2, it gives us a good opportunity for Templin's Resort to join a real strong hotel company that's in a real growing mode."

"Cavanaughs is real strong in the Pacific Northwest, with their big hotel in Seattle. That's really the hub of marketing for North Idaho, as far as I'm concerned."

Cavanaughs Hospitality Corp. president Donald Barbieri described the acquisition as "the best possible way to start the new year." He noted Templin's 56 years in the hospitality business.

"CHC is lucky to have Bob Templin and his fine team joining our growing company," he said. Templin doesn't see much changing at the 167-room resort beyond its name and a stronger marketing and sales program. All employees have been invited to stay, he said.

Templin himself will join the Cavanaughs board of directors, and represent the corporation on the Best Western board of governors and the Idaho Travel Council.

"I will get to be active in the hotel company that will be taking over this property, and I feel good about that."

Templin said that Cavanaughs already has strong Idaho ties. He noted that the corporation, formerly Goodale & Barbieri Cos., was founded by Idaho-born Lou Barbieri.

The Templin's announcement follows the company's recent acquisition of the Cavanaughs Gateway Hotel, formerly the Yakima Holiday Inn; Cavanaughs Ridpath Hotel in Spokane; and Cavanaughs on the Falls, formerly the Holiday Inn Westbank in Idaho Falls.

It also owns hotels in Seattle and Kennewick, Wash., and Kalispell, Mont.