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TicketsWest.Com To Sell Ski Tickets For Colorado Ski Resorts Using New Ticketing Technology

October 22, 1999 at 12:00 AM EDT
TicketsWest.Com To Sell Ski Tickets For Colorado Ski Resorts Using New Ticketing Technology SPOKANE, WA – TicketsWest.comTM, an operating division of Cavanaughs Hospitality Corporation (NYSE:CVH), a lodging, entertainment and real estate services company, announced today the expansion of services into Denver, Colorado and the surrounding cities of Boulder, Pueblo and Fort Collins with new ski lift ticketing technology. Through an agreement with King Soopers stores, a subsidiary of The Kroger Company, the nations largest grocery retailer, TicketsWest.comTM will be installing outlets throughout the 80-store chain that will sell ski lift tickets for area resorts. The first outlet installations will occur by the first of November 1999. The expansion follows two recent acquisition announcements by TicketsWest.comTM of ticketing companies Fastixx, based in Portland, Oregon and Colorado Neighborhood Box Office (CNBO), based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The recent purchase of Fastixx was a major component in enabling to make the expansion. Fastixx’s distribution system includes outlets in many Fred Meyer stores in Washington and Oregon. Fred Meyer is also a subsidiary of The Kroger Company, and this relationship brought King Soopers and Fastixx together. “We’re very pleased to be able to expand our relationship with another Kroger Company subsidiary,” said Donald K. Barbieri, Chairman and CEO, Cavanaughs Hospitality Corporation. “Besides their physical locations, providing easy access to both our customers, they have a commitment to customer service and a reputation in the community that makes us eager to work with them. The management of Fastixx was very smart to forge this relationship and we’re happy that we can bring technology and expertise to solidify the distribution strategy. With the recent acquisition of CNBO we’ll have a strong presence in the entire state of Colorado.”

The initial focus of the King Soopers outlets will be to sell ski lift tickets for a number of Colorado’s top ski resorts surrounding the Denver area including Winter Park and Vail Resorts, Inc. areas of Keystone and Breckenridge. Seven of the top ten visited ski resorts in the country are located in Colorado. A long time partnership between Colorado ski resorts and King Soopers has made discount lift tickets available at stores, giving incentive for local skiers to stop while on the way to the mountain rather than waiting to purchase tickets at the resort. will modernize the current hard ticket sales system with a new computerized ticketing distribution system, allowing better tracking of ticket sales for the resorts. “Finally, a company has taken ticketing to a new level,” commented Sarah Peltier, Colorado Sales Manager, Winter Park Recreational Association. “The combination of one of the most customer service oriented companies (King Soopers) matching up with a progressive ticketing system (Fastixx) will offer better service and endless pricing options through personalized software and more control, which adds up to a winning combination in a very competitive ticketing market, the Denver metro area.” Peltier added, “After years of searching for the answer, Fastixx has it. The system being installed in King Soopers will allow customers to purchase actual customized computerized ski lift tickets printed at the point of purchase that will have scanning capabilities which will be accepted at each of the participating ski resorts. An integrated program with such customization was unheard of even two years ago! Winter Park Resort is excited to be a part of the new ticketing system going into a high-volume lift ticket distributor, King Soopers. The customized bar-coding system will allow King Soopers to print lift tickets at customer service desks allowing for better inventory controls, reduced labor, and a more accurate accounting of sales.” Ski resorts within a two-hour drive from Denver receive over 6 million skier visits each year.

The new ticketing system will benefit both the skiers and the resorts they are visiting. “We believe that we can now provide superior customer service not only to our customers, but to the management teams of the ski resorts,” said Tom Keenan, General Manager, Fastixx. “This system allows the management teams the ability to track their sales on a daily basis, so that they know at any given time where the sales have occurred, and the volume of those sales.”

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